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The REDO Conference, Cumulus Kolding will host two DESIS Activities.

1. DESIS Network Assembly and Conversation
Thursday 1st June 14.15 – 16.30

The DESIS Network Assembly and Conversation is an event required by the DESIS Network statute. It is the forum at which formal collective decisions are taken and it is also an opportunity for networking and knowledge exchange between DESIS Lab members.

Participants will be predominantly DESIS Lab members but, as this event is open, colleagues interested in the Network’s activities and design for social innovation are warmly invited to attend.

Since the Network’s real strength lies in the experiments and practices of the DESIS Labs, this event will include a conversation that aims to 1) develop a map of Lab practices and 2) share latest approaches being explored by DESIS Network members.

The conversation will begin with a map prepared by the DESIS international coordinator team outlining ongoing DESIS Labs’ activities. This will be followed by a discussion about the main emerging trends and clusters; the status of the DESIS Network today and possible future projects and developments.

The Assembly will include a workshop to develop feasible programmes for initiating Network initiatives in the areas identified during the previous conversation. The workshop will be promoted by DESIS Lab coordinators, the ICC-International Coordination Committee and other interested participants. This activity is part of the International Coordination Plan 2017-2019, approved in the last DESIS Assembly. The Plan includes an in-depth analysis of the DESIS Network experiences during its nearly 10 years of existence.


14:15 – 15:00  Welcome and initial presentation (DESIS Network: overview and analysis)

15:00 – 15:30  Discussion (with reference to their own experiences, Network members are invited to discuss  the initial presentation and its emerging lines of work and research)

15:30 – 16:30  Workshop (participants will be divided into groups according to lines of work and research identified in the conversation. The aim is to identify potential future activities and Network developments)

2. Cumulus seminar meets the DESIS Philosophy Talks:
“Collaborative democracy? A design-based approach.”

Invitation to all Conference participants, open session!

Wednesday May 31st– 18.30

In response to the Open Letter: Stand Up for Democracy – in which Ezio Manzini and Victor Margolin stimulate the Design Community to react to the attack to democracy we are witnessing nowadays around the world – the DESIS Network replies with some initiatives carried forth by the different Labs across the world. One of these initiatives is a new DESIS Philosophy Talk series entitled: Collaborative Democracy? A design-based approach where the philosophical and the design traditions will be brought in dialogue together in order to reflect on the idea of collaborative democracy. The seminar will explore how design can contribute to conveying the idea of collaborative democracy and its related practices in our contemporary societies.

The REDO Cumulus conference organized by the Design School Kolding will kick off this important new series of DESIS Philosophy Talks coordinated by Ezio Manzini and Virginia Tassinari, harnessing the international perspectives of CUMULUS participants in a provocative discussion that will aim to confront different visions and approaches. This travelling academic seminar will be documented and made available to the larger public on the DESIS Philosophy Talks website. Join us!