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Human Cities is an European research project that explores how the inhabitants reclaim the constantly evolving contemporary city (especially through experiments in the urban space) and ways of (re)inventing city life, as sources of wellbeing and quality of life. The project is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of The European Union, 2014-2018. The network includes 11 partners just as many European “human cities”: Milano (Italy), St. Etienne (France), Brussels (Belgium), Graz (Austria), Belgrade (Serbia), Bilbao (Spain), Cieszyn (Poland), London (United Kingdom), Helsinki (Finland), Ljubljana (Slovenia), Tallin (Estonia).

During the Milano Design Week, Human Cities comes across with “Human Cities_Challenging the City Scale/Milano”, an interactive “experiment lab”atBASE Milano (Via Bergognone 34, 20144, Milano) as a result ofan active design experience between Politecnico di Milano – Design Department and School of Design, with “Atir Ringhiera”theatre in Milano and local associations around LaPiana, a square of 6000 sqm in front ofthe theatre. It will bean itinerary, a path throughout Europe, a way to tell howwe are “challenging the scale”. A wandering circus tobe settled in the partners cities. The Circus will be the main concept of the exhibition: as a continuous experience place byplace andas a suspension like an acrobat in,a place without space-time. The exhibition during Human Cities Challenging the city Scale/Milano will be focused onthe equilibrium inside the circus where everything is connected to create a story ofall the experiences together. “Human Cities_Challenging the City Scale/Milano”is also an opportunity to share how the Human Cities partners are activating public spaces across European cities: the exhibition acts as a storyteller of the work in progress. “Human Cities_Challenging the city Scale/Milano” will host the College of Design andInnovation of Tongji University – Shanghai, with the exhibition “Open Your Space”. The interaction within the public space is here explored inan extra European urban context – the megalopolis of Shanghai – involving the Siping Lu’s community, the Tongji campus neighborhood.