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The Tongji DESIS Lab with the BiDLab presents “The Garden Factory Seminar” on Tuesday, May 17 at 9:30am in room IS109 Aquarium at D&I College. The seminar is an opportunity to share knowledge about the urban agriculture initiatives by speakers from the academic and professional realm.
The seminar is the kick-off of “The Garden Factory” design studio within the Product Service System master class coordinated by Davide Fassi and held with Mary Polites, and Francesca Valsecchi with the help of Marida Maiorino and Maddalena Bellè. “The Garden Factory”is an interdisciplinary design studio where instructors and students will investigate how design could help different communities connected somehow with a university campus (staff, students, cafè owners, neighbourhood, etc.) to implement, upgrade, improve or just triggering actions related to urban agriculture. The design process will include a deep immersive in-the-field research, co-design sessions in order to develop, test and prototype solutions (product, environmental, service, strategy, communication etc.) with and for the communities.  Five topics will be embraced by five different teams of students to be developed as main issues related to the lab:
“Lay down” – garden beds (outdoor/indoor/portable/stable/different sizes etc.), “No soil” (aquaponic/idroponic/aeroponic), “Stand up” – vertical garden (indoor/oudoor/portable …), “Leftovers” -compost (system collection, maintainance, use, containers…), “Feed In” – beehive (urban beekeeping, educational tools, ecc). Students will be asked to prototype with the communities mention above, in a one day event in the neighbourhood, so to spread the results, create awareness about the lab in the uni and to test fast design experiments. “The Garden Factory” design studio wll start on Tuesday, May 17th and will end on June 7th with a prototyping event to be held at College of Design and Innovation.