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The Unusual Suspects Festival 2017 in London
14-16 June 2017
SIX is bringing the 4th Unusual Suspects Festival to London from 14-16 June, with the support of Lankelly Chase and Nesta. SIX, the global network focusing on social innovation, is a long-term collaborator and supporter of DESIS Network.

The Unusual Suspects Festival is a unique set of free, collaborative events, hosted by different organisations from a variety of sectors, across different venues in a city. It brings together people who would not usually meet, despite sharing an enthusiasm for creating real social change through collaboration.

There is more that connects us as human beings, than there is that divides us. SIX will bring an unusual mix of voices and audience together to share lived experiences, and challenge ourselves to think and act differently. The Festival will create spaces to explore the power dynamics that lie in every part of society.

Find out more about the Unusual Suspects Festival on our Festival website.