Members can be legally constituted higher education institutions or Universities with design disciplines (hereinafter referred to also only as “higher education institutions” or only as “Universities”), private or public, sharing DESIS motivations and visions and supporting DESIS activities (Labs projects, international Initiatives, Platform improvements).

Each Member commits itself to establish and sustain a design lab in its higher education institutions that conforms to the requirements of a DESIS Lab.

DESIS Labs are groups of academics, researchers and students who orient their design and research activities towards social innovation. They operate at the local scale with local partners and, in collaboration with other DESIS Labs, they actively participate in large-scale projects and programs.

Beyond that, each Member-DESIS Lab will:

  • Collaborate in promoting and developing at least one DESIS Initiative
  • Participate in the annual DESIS Assembly
  • Present a short report on their activities and programs at the annual Assembly

At the Assembly “non Member Partners” (Universities non Members and other legal entities non Members) can be invited, without right to vote, interested to the activities of the Association.

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