DESIS Network aims at using design thinking and design knowledge to co-create, with local, regional and global partners, socially relevant scenarios, solutions and communication programs.


DESIS Network main aim is to use design thinking and design knowledge to trigger, enable and scale-up social innovation. That is:

  • To enhance its potential by creating a more favorable environment (social, cultural, political, economic).
  • To raise its visibility by searching for promising initiatives and communicating their existence and significance to a larger audience.
  • To facilitate its transferability by developing enabling solutions to make existing initiatives more effective, accessible and replicable in different contexts.
  • To increase its synergy by developing frameworks and platforms to connect the diverse local cases into larger regional projects.
  • To stimulate new initiatives, by proposing visions and solutions as seeds to be developed in open, collaborative interactions with local communities and other involved actors.


DESIS Network’s second aim is to clarify the design for social innovation potential both inside and outside the design community. That is:

  • To make it clearer, inside the design community (designers, design researchers, design media and design schools), that social innovation is, and will continue to be at least for the near future, a fundamental field of application for all the design disciplines.
  • To give social innovators tangible evidence of the potential of design thinking and design knowledge in supporting the processes in which they are involved.


DESIS Network’s most ambitious aim is to promote a broad and flexible design program. A design program where several local, regional and global projects may converge, reinforce each other and generate innovative scenarios and solutions. Our desire is to produce knowledge with the contribution of different partners (open processes) and that can be used by all stakeholders (open results).

In short the DESIS Network’s higher ambition is to generate an Open Design Program able to give different projects visibility, to facilitate their alignments, collaborations and synergies and, on these bases, to develop visions and proposals adequate to the great challenges of contemporary society.

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