Design for Social Innovation and Cities (DxSIC)

Ezio Manzini and Carla Cipolla (Editors)

“This booklet is a compilation with all DESIS Labs’ projects with the keywords City, Social Innovation and Design. DxSIC is one of DESIS’ Thematic Areas, and its aim is to gain deeper insight into these projects’ characteristics, specifically their goals, methodologies, results and the stakeholders involved.”.

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Design for Social Innovation and Cities

Pearl Diver

Elisa Bertolotti, Heather Daam, Francesca Piredda and Virginia Tassinari

“Presently, we encounter a wide variety of ways in which designers tell stories of social innovation. This encouraged us to start a reflection on the idea of storytelling emerging from our practices, and to look at it from multiple perspectives. We have done so through conversations with designers, researchers, philosophers, as well as practitioners and theorists from many different fields who participated in the DESIS Philosophy Talks series about Storytelling and Design for Social Innovation”.

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Public and Collaborative

Ezio Manzini and Eduardo Staszowski (Editors)

“This book edited by Ezio Manzini and Eduardo Staszowski documents and presents some reflections on efforts of DESIS Labs in Europe, Canada, and the United States that are participating in the Public and Collaborative Thematic Cluster. It includes 11 articles that present from a critical perspective the labs’ projects and activities during the 2012-2013 period”.

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Aging and Ingenuity

Yanki Lee and Patricia Moore (Eds.)

“Ageing & Ingenuity is the second DESIS Cluster Collective set up to investigate different design approaches that address the full spectrum of challenges around ageing. Central to this cluster is the development of design responses to the statement ´ageing in itself is not a policy problem to be solved´ (Bazalgette, 2011) and instead introduces ´ageing as a culture to inspire social innovation´ (Lee, 2012)”.

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Reframing Migration

Emma Barrett and Carla Cipolla

“Looking around, we can recognise several examples of migrating people catalysing and contributing to new ways of meeting everyday needs – collaborative initiatives and organisations demonstrating in practice how inclusion can be promoted by creating the conditions for migrants and resident communities to explore new ways of living and working together. Thanks to these activities, we are seeing the migrant problem turned on its head, where migrants and resident communities are co-producing solutions that provide opportunities for the whole of society.”

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‘Progettualità sociale e politiche’

Ezio Manzini, Bertram Niessen, Marianna D’Ovidio, Davide Agazzi, Mattia Diletti, Marianella Sclavi e Daniela Selloni.

Una costellazione di persone, comunità, reti, organizzazioni e istituzioni ha immaginato e praticato in questi anni modi di essere e di fare basati sulla partecipazione, sulla collaborazione, sul dialogo e sulla progettualità, e per questo in radicale contrasto con le idee e le pratiche del pensiero dominante.

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